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08 January 2014 @ 02:09 pm
Writing Wednesday: Goals for 2014  

Dear Future Melissa,

Surely 2014 was the year of the great writing job, right? Please tell me you found something at least loosely using your major or your hobbies. And that pays well? You should have started to save up for your eventual move to an animation industry town, whichever one you've picked because you've totally done more research by now also and maybe made some career connections? You can't shuffle around in your parents' house forever.

The most important thing is still the writing itself, of course. You did good work in 2013 -- wrote and rewrote scripts, started on a "series bible," fleshed out a lot of characters and added some new ones. Max seems to have staked his claim as your eternal favorite but you have such a solid grasp of him, did you focus on someone else this past year? Did you plot out any series-long arcs?

You started sharing your work more and some lovely friends volunteered to be readers for you. Hopefully those same people are with you today and maybe more have joined them. Do you have more gorgeous fan art to look at? Any collaboration attempts, or OC trades? Did inkins launch, and did it help bring you as many new writer friends as you hoped it would?

Any new development on your past stories or have they been abandoned for good? Did you continue to help Nick write that movie about the high school theater kids sneaking into a casino to raise money for their big musical?

2014 wasn't all things you had to accomplish yourself. You got to read the final book in your favorite series. Maybe see how Homestuck ended too, or is that still going on? Is there any news on the Phineas & Ferb theatrical movie???

I hope you've done me proud by being a big fancy responsible adult and writer this year and I'll have made leaps and bounds in my story, career, and social life by the next time I have to buy a new calendar.

Best Wishes,

Past Melissa
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